‘If Rothko polished the world to an icy emptiness, Annie Hsiao-Wen Wang tunes it to melodic perfection.’

- David Bromfield -


Annie Hsiao-Wen Wang was born in Taipei in 1979, and now works in Australia and Taiwan. An interdisciplinary artist, Annie’s work has been exhibited in many cities including New York, Los Angeles, Sydney, Hong Kong, and Taipei. Her work is included in private and public collections around the globe.

Her paintings are influenced by an array of philosophies from Kandinsky, Chinese calligraphy, and Buddhist meditation; with a core understanding that: ‘it is through the language of pure abstraction that we may transcend the abject materialism of our present world, and find the silence to converse within’. She is interested in using paint to capture the intangible, the transcendental and the emotive: evoking a spiritual stillness that embraces the viewer in a meditative moment.

In her photographic works she is interested in issues of cultural identity in this current globalised world, and exploring a silent beauty in what often seems banal or profane at a first glance. It is this tension between the beautiful and obscene which drives her work, aiming to challenge traditional concepts of what is desirable or attractive.



Artist CV


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Represented by:

YesArt Gallery, Taipei