Luminaries 2020-22

Over 80% of our planet’s oceans remain unexplored. But life swarms in the deep.

This installation work is inspired by the secret world of bioluminescent animals that reside in our oceans, and pays homage to the unknown beauty of our world.

For the past two years, I have followed these mystical creatures of the deep into a bottomless rabbit hole, to a part of our planet that we as humans know very little about. Our oceans are truly the last frontier of our world, filled with wonderfully bizarre and alien creatures, some of which can scarcely be imagined.

Each of the creatures in this exhibition has a story to tell, but they represent just the tip of the iceberg in our understanding of an ecology that is sublimely beautiful and fascinating. The oceans produce over 50% of our oxygen, absorb the carbon dioxide and excess heat from our emissions, limit the effects of climate change, and also produce food for almost 2 billion people every day. Sadly, like much of our natural world, this fragile ecology is under constant threat from overfishing, pollution, and global warming.

This exhibition is about the sense of awe and wonder that I have discovered. It is also about evoking the need to preserve this precious part of our planet, by bringing it to light.

Read about each sea creature in this series here. And check out a short film of the making of this series here.