From Whence I Came 2018

3rd November – 2nd December, 2018 | YesArt Gallery | Taipei

Over the years, my art practice has gradually transitioned from an expression of the emotive and intangible, to a meandering exploration of the numinous and the spiritual. My time in the studio has shifted from being a cathartic release, to a period of reflection and reverence. And my approach has become, in a sense, more abstract than ever. It has become a path that asks the question: what does it mean to “be”, to say “I am”, “I feel”, and to experience the daily joys and sorrows that are fundamental to our kind? Where has this “I” come from, that dominates and dictates the space within which I create?

These works are the embodiment of these very questions, inspired by the teachings of Buddhist philosophies, the music of Rachmaninoff and Beethoven, and informed by the daily struggles of my meditation practice.